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Analysis and advice in relation to clinical matters related to the use of medications:

Medication review for individual consumers - Home Medicines Review (HMR) in the consumer’s home, Residential Medication Management Reviews (RMMRs) in aged care facilities and hostels.

  • Available to provide reviews nationwide on a sub-contracted basis for community pharmacies and also upon direct referral from GPs. Click here to request information by email or by call-back.
  • Highly sophisticated reviews – specialising in dealign with polypharmacy, multimorbidity, pain and mental illness

Can also provide specific medication reviews in other settings – experience in disability services, prison health services and more

  • Catering for populations with highly specific medication-related needs

Direct to consumer services, second opinions and more


Specialist qualifications in mental health (psychiatric services) and geriatrics (older people), extensive experience in pain management

  • Certified since 1997 with the US Board of Pharmaceutical Specialities – added qualifications in gerontology and psychiatry. Completed thousands of medication reviews in various settings

Preparation of written and electronic medication profiles

  • Always have an accurate and detailed list of all medications and history of medication-related matters available – structured, easy to use format

Interpretation of genetic tests related to medication use – the genetic profile of every person is different and can have a profound effect on the safety and effectiveness of medications. Refer here for further details


Allergy/alert documentation


Influenza vaccination


Adherence coaching

  • Periodic call-backs or home visits to assist in empowering consumers to take medications as intended, and to detect medication use problems, medicines misuse and problems with expired medications.

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