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Tailored advisory service in relation to all matters relevant to medication usage –  optimising safe, effective and efficient use of medicines:

Systems and infrastructure assessment

  • Assessing organisational factors that impact upon medication safety and the efficacy of medication systems
  • Building a case for redesign of services and systems
  • Providing estimates relating to the costs and organisational impact of redesign
  • Advocating for alignment to industry standards or accreditation requirements

Medication error analysis

  • Analyse patterns of medication errors
  • Systematic evaluation of systems
  • Individual root cause analysis

Supplement & assist in accreditation preparation for hospitals & aged care facilities

  • On site visits and inspections, follow-up support with detailed reports
  • Support and assistance during system redesign
  • On-site support during accreditation
  • Periodic reviews and unannounced visits

Advise on clinical governance processes & documentation

  • Pre-accreditation assessments and reports
  • Assistance with preparing evidence folios and documentation
  • Policy and procedure formulation

Legislative checks

  • Live assessment and reports addressing legislative aspects relevant to medication distribution, storage, ordering, prescribing and administration

Independent third-party checks for quality & safety of service providers

  • Are your external providers delivering on their promised commitments? Random and unannounced compliance checks are available nation-wide

Advice and/or assistance in formulation of policies and other documentation

  • Technical writing
  • Creation of documentation or revision/updating of existing materials

Intra-organisational assessment and comparison between organisations

  • Benchmarking on medication-related matters

Independent and impartial third-party assessments of tender submissions

  • Tendering to supply goods and services related to medications? Assistance is available to make your submission as sharp and professional as possible

Assistance with antimicrobial stewardship programmes

  • Help to prevent antibiotic resistance 

Structured medication usage analysis

  • Informed analysis of patterns of medication usage – e.g. opioids, analgesics, S4 recordables, psychotropic drugs and more
  • Normative comparisons between areas within an organisation
  • Normative benchmarking – national and international

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