The number of transgender people receiving hormone replacement is growing. In a medical sense, these people are at increased risk of cardiovascular events. Recent research has examined this issue, determining the incidences of acute/spontaneous strokes (ischemic/hemorrhagic,
transient ischemic attack, or subarachnoid hemorrhage), myocardial infarctions, and (MIs), and venous thromboembolic events (VTEs) in nearly 3300 transgender women and men receiving transgender hormone therapy (THT) and comparing these incidences with those reported in women and men from the general population. Those who hada CVE before starting THT (n=52) were excluded, yielding a study population consisting of
2517 transwomen (median age 30 years) and 1358 transmen (median age 23 years). Transwomen had a higher adjusted incidence of
strokes and VTEs than reference women and men, and both transwomen and transmen had a higher risk of MIs than reference women. The study highlights a contemporary medical issues, raising awareness for clinicians. For more information, read the original research letter published in Circulation here.