Researchers from Italy have recently published a study examining the role of ADRs in contributing to hospitalization of the elderly. The study was used a retrospective observational design that analysed the admissions of every patient aged over 65 years of age admitted over a 12‐month period (short‐stay <24 h admissions to an observation unit were excluded). ADRs were adjudged to be the cause of 106 of total 1750 recorded admissions (6.1%). The median age of patients was 83.5 years and 56.6% were concurrently treated with five or more drugs. 170 ADRs were recorded (45.3% had more than one ADR from a single molecule). The most most commonly implicated agents were diuretics (17.6%), antithrombotics (14.7%) and CNS drugs (9.4%). Interactions were responsible for 39 cases of an ADR (36.8%). 11 patients died and 29 were left with residual disability.