Deprescribing intervention study in the memory clinic setting 

The practicality of a pharmacist-led interdisciplinary deprescribing intervention has been evaluated study in an Australian memory clinic (due to the high prevalence of medication-related problems in this setting). Consultant pharmacists, in collaboration with the patient/carer, the memory clinic, general practitioner and community pharmacist, conducted home medication reviews aiming to develop strategies to enhance medication use. 46 participants (median age 80.5 years, taking a median of 11 medications who were at risk of medication-related problems received the intervention. Deprescribing of 124 medications was suggested and 42.7% of the medications were stopped or dose-reduced within six months. The intervention was deemed feasible based on the proportion of eligible and consenting memory clinic patients, although a larger, multi-centre study is required to validate its efficacy and clinical outcomes. Details of this study can be accessed here.

Contributed by Australian Medication Safety Services Associate – Isabella Singh