Ondansetron usually considered as a first-line agent for nausea in emergency departments, but may not work as well for people without a cancer diagnoisis. A recent study examined 120 adult ED patients with nausea or vomiting who did not require intravenous access, randomly assigned to inhaled isopropyl alcohol plus 4 mg oral ondansetron; inhaled isopropyl alcohol plus oral placebo; or inhaled saline plus 4 mg oral ondansetron. Patients received a single dose of the oral intervention but could sniff alcohol or saline swabs repeatedly. Nausea was measured on a 100-mm visual analog scale at baseline and 30 minutes. Mean nausea scores decreased by 30 mm in the alcohol/ondansetron group, 32 mm in the alcohol/placebo group, and 9 mm in the saline/ondansetron group. Rescue antiemetic therapy was given to 28%, 25%, and 45% of each group, respectively. No adverse events occurred. This approach appears to offer an interesting alternative to traditional treatment. Read more here