In a recent cross-sectional comparison, American researchers have investigated the incidence of paediatric cannabis exposure cases four years before, and then after medical marijuana legalisation (MML) in Massachusetts. From 2009-2016, 218 cannabis exposures for children and teenagers aged 0-19 years were reported to the Regional Center for Poison Control and Prevention (RPC), representing 0.15% of total calls regarding this age group. For all age groups, the number of RPC calls regarding single-substance cannabis exposure, including exposure to edible products, increased from 29 calls 4 years prior to MML to 69 calls 4 years after. As the incidence of paediatric cannabis exposure increased after MML, the study suggests that regulation and enforcement of marijuana policies is crucial to prevent use in teenagers and unintentional exposure in young children. Read the full details of the original study here.

Contributed by Australian Medication Safety Services Associate – Isabella Singh