The safety of any drug treatment during pregnancy or lactation is always of paramount importance. Researchers followed 280 infants whose mothers contacted a Drug Information Center, seeking information about psychotropics during lactation. This group was compared with a group of 152 callers, seeking information about antibiotics. Data on adverse effects, physical measures and gross motor developmental milestone achievements of the breastfed infants was obtained during a follow-up telephone interview. No significant differences between infants in the two groups were observed with regard to height, weight, head circumference and weight-length ratio percentile, and the use of psychotropic medications during breastfeeding was not significantly associated with adverse reactions. After propensity score matching (n = 120 pairs) to control for differences in baseline characteristics and the length of lactation, only one significant difference was reported, sleepiness in infants in the study group (7/120) and none in the comparison group (p = 0.008). More here