Australian medical societies nominated representatives who formulated clinical consensus recommendations on assessment and management of bone health in women with oestrogen receptor‐positive early breast cancer receiving endocrine therapy. Women receiving adjuvant aromatase inhibitors and pre‐menopausal woman treated with tamoxifen appear to be at risk for accelerated bone loss – women receiving adjuvant aromatase inhibitors have increased fracture risk. Bisphosphonates and also denosumab prevent bone loss – denosumab has proven anti‐fracture benefit in post‐menopausal women receiving aromatase inhibitors for hormone receptor‐positive breast cancer. The group recommends: fracture risk assessment for at risk women, weight‐bearing exercise and vitamin D/calcium if required. Anti‐resorptive therapy is indicated for those with prevalent or incident clinical or morphometric fragility fractures, and should also be considered in women with a T score (or Z score in women aged < 50 years) of < − 2.0 at any site, or if annual bone loss is ≥ 5% See the original publication here